Main Interventions

Experience and Professional Activity

The competitive advantage of ASEP lies in its wide reaching experience in complex Engineering projects throughout all phases of the constructive process, from design and planning, to execution and operationalization, in several fields, providing high quality services. This transversal experience allows us to leverage the competences and performance capabilities of our teams at every single stage of each project and in each of its areas of activity.

ASEP has experience and professional activity developed in the following areas of construction:

  • Residential, Commercial, Offices and Hotel buildings
  • Restoration, Refitting and Rehabilitation of Buildings
  • Factories, Industrial Buildings, Agro-Industrial Facilities and Special Structures
  • Hospital Buildings and Facilities
  • Railroad Infrastructures and Facilities
  • Aviation Infrastructures and Facilities
  • School Buildings, Equipment and Sportive installations
  • Other Facilities and Special infrastructures
  • Planning, Infrastructures and Basic Sanitation
  • Project Management and Supervision of Construction