Quality and Rigour

Taking advantage of its experience and knowledge, ASEP works with a constant focus on the quality and rigour of the End Product. The excellence of our designed solutions aims not merely to satisfy our clients' needs, but to surpass them. Given the growing level of market requirements, ASEP has implemented and obtained the NormaCAD Certification according to norm NP EN ISO 13567 (Computer-Aided Design Layer Standard), reflecting its Quality-focused vision of the Projects to be implemented, according to its CAD Manual Procedures.

NormaCAD Certification

"The desire to always be updated, in order to be able to respond in an unequivocally correct, innovative and technologically advanced way to market requests, implies a special emphasis on the organization of Projects and highlights the need for processes and procedures that are standardized and documented, supported by its CAD component."
Afonso Pissarra, Eng.

Integrated in our improvement and development strategy, ASEP is currently integrating this NormaCAD certification in the ongoing implementation of ASEP's quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2008.